ya im aware that its the second photo of stotes I’ve uploaded but honestly I’m just so damn proud<3. I feel like I have a lot of thank yous to do so ya, get over ittt. First of all, thankyou mommy and daddy. You guys made me believe that I could accomplish this, that I could beat everyone in seat racing and end up having the race of my life. Secondly, I’d like to thank my coach, Rockman. We couldn’t have had anyone better, and thanks so much for getting us a new boat for finals. Also, I’d like so give a nice big hug to the coaches of Ridley, for letting us borrow your double. It seems silly, but that boat was quite honestly, one of the main reasons we did so well. Compared to what we had been racing (a heavyweight men’s 2x!) it felt like we were flying. So ya, thankyou sososososo much<3. And of course, lastly, I’d like to thank Skye (not even gonna try and spell her last name aha :$) who you see in stroke seat here. Thank you for dropping those last couple pounds to make weight, thank you for waking up early to practice in those rough morning practices, for putting up with me in those mornings aha, and most of all for being so supportive and positive when it seemed to be going downhill. And thank you a million times for giving me the race of my life. Good luck at Tulsa next year girly!! I’ll miss you!!

Pain is temporary, pride is forever<3

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